Definitions English

  • Un facteur à prendre en considération dans la formation d’un jugement ou une décision : la sécurité est le facteur le plus important dans le choix d’une voiture.
    A factor to be considered in forming a judgment or decision: Safety is the most important consideration in choosing a car.
  • A treatment or account: The essay begins with a brief consideration of the history of the problem.
  • Thoughtful concern for others; solicitude.
  • High regard; esteem.
  • Payment given in exchange for a service rendered; recompense: agreed to do it for a small consideration.
  • Law Something promised, given, or done that has the effect of making an agreement a legally enforceable contract.
  • in consideration of In view of; on account of: turned back in consideration of the worsening weather.
  • in consideration of In return for: an honorarium given in consideration of her contributions to the project.