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Co je follow?

Co je follow?

  • To come or go after; proceed behind: Follow the usher to your seat.
  • To go after in or as if in pursuit: "The wrong she had done followed her and haunted her dream” ( Katherine Anne Porter).
  • To keep under surveillance: followed the suspect around town.
  • To move along the course of; take: We followed a path to the shore.
  • To go in the direction of; be guided by: followed the sun westward across the plains; followed the signs to the zoo.
  • To accept the guidance, command, or leadership of: follow a spiritual master; rebels who refused to follow their commander.
  • To adhere to; practice: followed family traditions.
  • To take as a model or precedent; imitate: followed my example and resigned.
  • To act in agreement or compliance with; obey: follow the rules; follow one's instincts.
  • To keep to or stick to: followed the recipe; follow a diet.
  • To engage in (a trade or occupation); work at.
  • To come after in order, time, or position: Night follows day.
  • To bring something about at a later time than or as a consequence of: She followed her lecture with a question-and-answer period. The band followed its hit record with a tour.
  • To occur or be evident as a consequence of: Your conclusion does not follow your premise.
  • To watch or observe closely: followed the bird through binoculars.
  • To be attentive to; pay close heed to: too sleepy to follow the sermon.
  • To keep oneself informed of the course, progress, or fortunes of: follow the stock market; followed the local teams.
  • To grasp the meaning or logic of; understand: Do you follow my argument?
  • To come, move, or take place after another person or thing in order or time.
  • To occur or be evident as a consequence; result: If you ignore your diet, trouble will follow.
  • To grasp the meaning or reasoning of something; understand.
  • The act or an instance of following.
  • Games A billiards shot in which the cue ball is struck above center so that it follows the path of the object ball after impact.
  • follow along To move or proceed in unison or in accord with an example: followed along with the song.
  • follow through Sports To carry a stroke to natural completion after hitting or releasing a ball or other object.

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