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Hva er finish?

Hva er finish?

  • To arrive at or attain the end of: finish a race.
  • To bring to an end; terminate: finished cleaning the room.
  • To consume all of; use up: finish a pie.
  • To bring to a desired or required state: finish a painting. See Synonyms at complete.
  • To give (wood, for example) a desired or particular surface texture.
  • To destroy; kill: finished the injured horse with a bullet.
  • To bring about the ruin of: The stock market crash finished many speculators.
  • To come to an end; stop.
  • To reach the end of a task, course, or relationship.
  • The final part; the conclusion: racers neck-and-neck at the finish.
  • The reason for one's ruin; downfall.
  • Something that completes, concludes, or perfects, especially:
  • The last treatment or coating of a surface: applied a shellac finish to the cabinet.
  • The surface texture produced by such a treatment or coating.
  • A material used in surfacing or finishing.
  • Completeness, refinement, or smoothness of execution; polish.
  • The flavor left in the mouth after wine has been swallowed.

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