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O que é feeling?

O que é feeling?

  • The sensation involving perception by touch.
  • A sensation experienced through touch.
  • A physical sensation: a feeling of warmth.
  • An affective state of consciousness, such as that resulting from emotions, sentiments, or desires: experienced a feeling of excitement.
  • An awareness or impression: He had the feeling that he was being followed.
  • An emotional state or disposition; an emotion: expressed deep feeling.
  • A tender emotion; a fondness.
  • Capacity to experience the higher emotions; sensitivity; sensibility: a man of feeling.
  • Susceptibility to emotional response; sensibilities: The child's feelings are easily hurt.
  • Opinion based more on emotion than on reason; sentiment.
  • A general impression conveyed by a person, place, or thing: The stuffy air gave one the feeling of being in a tomb.
  • Appreciative regard or understanding: a feeling for propriety.
  • Intuitive awareness or aptitude; a feel: has a feeling for language.
  • Having the ability to react or feel emotionally; sentient; sensitive.
  • Easily moved emotionally; sympathetic: a feeling heart.
  • Expressive of sensibility or emotion: a feeling glance.

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