environment: significado y definiciones

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Qué es environment?

Qué es environment?

  • The totality of the natural world, often excluding humans:"Technology, of course, lies at the heart of man's relationship with the environment"(Mark Hertsgaard). A subset of the natural world; an ecosystem: the coastal environment. The combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, behavior, and survival of organisms:"Conditions in a lion's environment .. can drive it to hunt people"(Philip Caputo). The complex of social and cultural conditions affecting the nature of an individual person or community.
  • The general set of conditions or circumstances: a terrible environment for doing business.
  • Computers The entire set of conditions under which one operates a computer, as it relates to the hardware, operating platform, or operating system. An area of a computer's memory used by the operating system and some programs to store certain variables to which they need frequent access.

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