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Co jest earth?

Co jest earth?

  • The land surface of the world.
  • The softer, friable part of land; soil, especially productive soil.
  • The third planet from the sun, having a sidereal period of revolution about the sun of 365.26 days at a mean distance of approximately 149 million kilometers (92.96 million miles), an axial rotation period of 23 hours 56.07 minutes, an average radius of 6,378 kilometers (3,963 miles), and a mass of approximately 5.974 × 1024 kilograms (1.317 × 1025 pounds).
  • The realm of mortal existence; the temporal world.
  • The human inhabitants of the world: The earth received the news with joy.
  • Worldly affairs and pursuits.
  • Everyday life; reality: was brought back to earth from his daydreams of wealth and fame.
  • The substance of the human body; clay.
  • The lair of a burrowing animal.
  • Chiefly British The ground of an electrical circuit.
  • Chemistry Any of several metallic oxides, such as alumina or zirconia, that are difficult to reduce and were formerly regarded as elements.
  • To cover or heap (plants) with soil for protection.
  • To chase (an animal) into an underground hiding place.
  • To burrow or hide in the ground. Used of a hunted animal.
  • on earth Among all the possibilities: Why on earth did you put on that outfit?

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