doubt: значение и определения

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Что такое doubt?

Что такое doubt?

  • To be undecided or skeptical about: began to doubt some accepted doctrines.
  • To tend to disbelieve; distrust: doubts politicians when they make sweeping statements.
  • To regard as unlikely: I doubt that we'll arrive on time.
  • Archaic To suspect; fear.
  • To be undecided or skeptical.
  • A lack of certainty that often leads to irresolution. See Synonyms at uncertainty.
  • A lack of trust.
  • A point about which one is uncertain or skeptical: reassured me by answering my doubts.
  • The condition of being unsettled or unresolved: an outcome still in doubt.
  • beyond Without question; certainly; definitely.
  • no doubt Certainly.
  • no doubt Probably.

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