direction: значение и определения

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Что такое direction?

Что такое direction?

  • The act or function of directing.
  • Management, supervision, or guidance of an action or operation.
  • The art or action of musical or theatrical directing.
  • Music A word or phrase in a score indicating how a passage is to be played or sung.
  • An instruction or series of instructions for doing or finding something. Often used in the plural.
  • An authoritative indication; an order or command.
  • The distance-independent relationship between two points in space that specifies the angular position of either with respect to the other; the relationship by which the alignment or orientation of any position with respect to any other position is established.
  • A position to which motion or another position is referred.
  • A line leading to a place or point.
  • The line or course along which a person or thing moves.
  • The statement in degrees of the angle measured between due north and a given line or course on a compass.
  • A course or area of development; a tendency toward a particular end or goal: charting a new direction for the company.

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