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course nedir?

course nedir?

  • Onward movement in a particular direction; progress: the course of events.
  • Movement in time; duration: in the course of a year.
  • The direction of continuing movement: took a northern course.
  • The route or path taken by something, such as a stream, that moves. See Synonyms at way.
  • Sports A designated area of land or water on which a race is held: the course of a marathon.
  • Sports A golf course.
  • A mode of action or behavior: followed the best course and invested her money.
  • A typical or natural manner of proceeding or developing; customary passage: a fad that ran its course.
  • A systematic or orderly succession; a sequence: a course of medical treatments.
  • A continuous layer of building material, such as brick or tile, on a wall or roof of a building.
  • A complete body of prescribed studies constituting a curriculum: a four-year course in engineering.
  • A unit of such a curriculum: took an introductory course in chemistry; passed her calculus course.
  • A part of a meal served as a unit at one time: The first course was a delicious soup.
  • Nautical The lowest sail on a mast of a square-rigged ship.
  • A point on the compass, especially the one toward which a vehicle, such as a ship, is moving.
  • To move swiftly through or over; traverse: ships coursing the seas.
  • To hunt (game) with hounds.
  • To set (hounds) to chase game.
  • To proceed or move swiftly along a specified course: "Big tears now coursed down her face” ( Iris Murdoch).
  • To hunt game with hounds.
  • in due course At the proper or right time.
  • of course In the natural or expected order of things; naturally.
  • of course Without any doubt; certainly.

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