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caucasian क्या हैं?

caucasian क्या हैं?

  • Of or relating to a racial group having light-colored skin; white. Of or being a human racial classification distinguished especially by very light to brown skin and straight to wavy or curly hair, and including peoples indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, western Asia, and parts of South Asia. No longer in scientific use.
  • Of or relating to the Caucasus region or its peoples, languages, or cultures.
  • Of or relating to a group of three language families spoken in the region of the Caucasus mountains, including Chechen, Abkhaz, and the Kartvelian languages.
  • A person having light-colored skin; a white person. A member of the Caucasian racial classification. No longer in scientific use.
  • A native or inhabitant of the Caucasus.
  • The Caucasian language family.

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