Дефиниции Английски

  • Un cop que cops a un oponent.
    A blow that knocks out an opponent.
  • Una victòria de boxa en el qual el contrari és incapaç d'ascens del llenç a un temps especificat després de ser abatut d'esports o es considera massa ferits per continuar.
    Sports A victory in boxing in which one's opponent is unable to rise from the canvas within a specified time after being knocked down or is judged too injured to continue.
  • Sports The act of winning a boxing match in this way: won the fight by a knockout.
  • Slang A strikingly attractive or impressive person or thing.
  • Capable of knocking out: a knockout punch.
  • Strikingly attractive or impressive.
  • Having a specific single gene removed from the genome by genetic manipulation: knockout mice used in an experiment.