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O que é bring?

O que é bring?

  • To carry, convey, lead, or cause to go along to another place: brought enough money with me.
  • To carry as an attribute or contribution: You bring many years of experience to your new post.
  • To lead or force into a specified state, situation, or location: bring the water to a boil; brought the meeting to a close.
  • To persuade; induce: The defendant's testimony brought others to confess.
  • To get the attention of; attract: Smoke and flames brought the neighbors.
  • To cause to occur as a consequence or concomitant: Floods brought destruction to the valley. For many, the fall brings hayfever.
  • To cause to become apparent to the mind; recall: This music brings back memories.
  • Law To advance or set forth (charges) in a court.
  • To sell for: a portrait that brought a million dollars.
  • around To cause to adopt an opinion or take a certain course of action.
  • around To cause to recover consciousness.
  • bring down To cause to fall or collapse.
  • bring down To kill.
  • bring forth To give rise to; produce: plants bringing forth fruit.
  • bring forth To give birth to (young).
  • bring forward To present; produce: bring forward proof.
  • bring forward Accounting To carry (a sum) from one page or column to another.
  • bring in Law To give or submit (a verdict) to a court.
  • bring in To produce, yield, or earn (profits or income).
  • bring off To accomplish: bring off a successful advertising campaign.
  • bring on To cause to appear: brought on the dessert.
  • bring out To reveal or expose: brought out the facts.
  • bring out To introduce (a debutante) to society.
  • bring out To produce or publish: bring out a new book.
  • bring out To nurture and develop (a quality, for example) to best advantage: You bring out the best in me.

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