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Čo je board?

Čo je board?

  • A long flat slab of sawed lumber; a plank.
  • A flat piece of wood or similarly rigid material adapted for a special use.
  • Games A flat surface on which a game is played.
  • The hard cover of a book.
  • A theater stage.
  • A table, especially one set for serving food.
  • Food or meals considered as a whole: board and lodging.
  • A table at which official meetings are held; a council table.
  • An organized body of administrators or investigators: a board of trustees; a board of directors.
  • An electrical-equipment panel.
  • Computer Science A circuit board.
  • Sports A scoreboard.
  • Sports A tote board.
  • Sports The wooden structure enclosing an ice hockey rink.
  • Sports A diving board.
  • Sports A surfboard.
  • Sports A snowboard.
  • Basketball A backboard.
  • Basketball A rebound.
  • Nautical The side of a ship.
  • Nautical A leeboard.
  • Nautical A centerboard.
  • Obsolete A border or an edge.
  • A usually large, vertically positioned flat surface used for writing or posting, especially:
  • A blackboard.

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