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Hva er aspect?

Hva er aspect?

  • A particular look or facial expression; mien: "He was serious of aspect but wholly undistinguished” ( Louis Auchincloss).
  • Appearance to the eye, especially from a specific vantage point.
  • A way in which something can be viewed by the mind: looked at all aspects of the situation. See Synonyms at phase.
  • A position facing or commanding a given direction; exposure.
  • A side or surface facing in a particular direction: the ventral aspect of the body.
  • The configuration of the stars or planets in relation to one another.
  • This configuration, thought by astrologers to influence human affairs.
  • Grammar A category of the verb designating primarily the relation of the action to the passage of time, especially in reference to completion, duration, or repetition.
  • Archaic An act of looking or gazing.

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