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Co je after?

Co je after?

  • Behind in place or order: Z comes after Y in the alphabet.
  • Next to or lower than in order or importance.
  • In quest or pursuit of: seek after fame; go after big money.
  • Concerning: asked after you.
  • Subsequent in time to; at a later time than: come after dinner.
  • Subsequent to and because of or regardless of: They are still friends after all their differences.
  • Following continually: year after year.
  • In the style of or in imitation of: satires after Horace.
  • With the same or close to the same name as; in honor or commemoration of: named after her mother.
  • According to the nature or desires of; in conformity to: a tenor after my own heart.
  • Past the hour of: five minutes after three.
  • Irish Used with a present participle to indicate action that has just been completed: "Sure I'm after seeing him not five minutes ago” ( James Joyce).
  • Behind; in the rear.
  • At a later or subsequent time; afterward: three hours after; departed shortly after.
  • Subsequent in time or place; later; following: in after years.
  • Located near the stern of a vessel or the rear or an aircraft or spacecraft.
  • Following or subsequent to the time that: I saw them after I arrived.
  • Afternoon.
  • Chiefly British Dessert.
  • after all In spite of everything to the contrary; nevertheless: We chose to take the train after all.
  • after all Everything else having been considered; ultimately: A car is after all a means of transportation.

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