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Hva er adressed?

Hva er adressed?

  • To speak to: addressed me in low tones.
  • To make a formal speech to: addressed the union members at the convention.
  • To call (a person to whom one is speaking) by a particular name or term: Address the judge as "Your Honor."
  • To direct (a spoken or written message) to the attention of: address a protest to the faculty senate.
  • To mark with a destination: address a letter.
  • To direct the efforts or attention of (oneself): address oneself to a task. To begin to deal with: addressed the issue of taxes.
  • To dispatch or consign (a ship, for example) to an agent or factor.
  • Sports To adjust and aim the club at (a golf ball) in preparing for a stroke.
  • A description of the location of a person or organization, as written or printed on mail as directions for delivery: wrote the address on the envelope. The location at which a particular organization or person may be found or reached: went to her address but no one was home.
  • A name or a sequence of characters that designates an email account or a specific site on the internet or other network. A name or number used in information storage or retrieval assigned to or identifying a specific memory location.
  • A formal speech or written communication.
  • (ə-drĕ s′) Archaic often Courteous attentions. The manner or bearing of a person, especially in conversation. Skill, deftness, or grace in dealing with people or situations:"With the charms of beauty she combined the address of an accomplished intriguer"(Charles Merivale).

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