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active nedir?

active nedir?

  • Being in physical motion: active fish in the aquarium.
  • Functioning or capable of functioning.
  • Marked by energetic activity; busy: active stock and bond markets; spent an active day sightseeing.
  • Involving or requiring physical exertion and energy: an active workout at the gym.
  • Being in a state of action; not quiescent: active hostilities along the border.
  • Erupting or liable to erupt; not dormant: an active volcano.
  • Marked by or involving direct participation: took an active interest in politics; played an active role on the committee.
  • Currently in use or effect: an active membership.
  • Openly acknowledged or expressed: an active dislike of the new neighbors.
  • Producing an intended action or effect: active ingredients.
  • Grammar Indicating that the subject of the sentence is performing or causing the action expressed by the verb. Used of a verb form or voice.
  • Grammar Expressing action rather than a state of being. Used of verbs such as run, speak, and move.
  • Producing profit, interest, or dividends: active accounts; active stocks.
  • Electronics Being a source of electrical energy, as a generator.
  • Electronics Capable of converting or amplifying voltages or currents, as a diode or transistor.
  • Being on full military duty and receiving full pay.
  • Grammar The active voice.
  • Grammar A construction or form in the active voice.
  • A participating member of an organization: union actives.

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